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Switzerland Wheelchair Europe Accessible Tours
Switzerland Wheelchair Europe Accessible Tours
Switzerland Wheelchair Accessible Tours
Switzerland Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Europe Wheelchair Accessible Transportation
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Switzerland Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Snow-capped mountains and cities in the characteristic Swiss style that lie between scenic lakes and unspoiled nature. This is Switzerland wheelchair accessible tours.

Alps sprinkled with white snow gentle valleys, green pastures, bright green and intense blue and impetuous rivers. The natural landscape that Switzerland accessible tours offers is among the most spectacular in central Europe.

There are two colors that never fail in Switzerland and create a colorful frame between vibrant cities, snowy landscapes ( in all seasons ), scenic trains and triumphant corners of nature.

A guide to plan holidays in Switzerland between tourist cities and places surrounded by nature to reach on foot, bicycle and train. Hotel accommodation with summer relaxation offers and weeks on the snow in the mountains

Switzerland Private Accessible Tours

We are providing a safe and a full accessible tours around previewed accessible itineraries with disabled friendly accessible services includes professional guided tours.

Visit this rich and fascinating land with an exclusive private Switzerland wheelchair accessible tours Adapted van transportation specifically designed for wheelchair users tourists combined an holiday across Switzerland.

Combine European Holidays

A Switzerland wheelchair accessible tours holiday gives tourists magical moments just a few steps from Italy.

There are numerous places worth a visit, such as the splendid Zermatt, as well as Basel, Geneva and Zurich, the lively cultural capitals of Switzerland.

Ticino, the Italian soul of Switzerland which includes cities with unique charm such as Bellinzona, Lugano and Locarno, deserves a separate chapter.

In a week ( or in ten days ) it is possible to follow a path that allows you to see the different scenographic settings of a place just outside Italy, but totally different in its suggestions.

French Canton Accessible Tours

French Canton Switzerland Accessible Europe Tours

The Canton of Vaud ( Lake Geneva Region) is a land of relaxation and a very suggestive holiday …

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German Canton Accessible Tours

German Canton Switzerland Accessible Europe Tours

The German Canton of Bern, much loved by tourists, is located in the heart of Switzerland and …

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Italian Canton Accessible Tours

Italian Canton Switzerland Accessible Europe Tours

South gate of Switzerland, Ticino presents itself with its mild climate, the all-Italian atmosphere …

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Switzerland Wheelchair Accessible Services

Switzerland Wheelchair Friendly Accessible Hotels

Zermatt wheelchair accessible Hotel SGCZ1Zermatt
Hotel Wheelchair Friendly

Zermatt, SGCZ1

Zermatt, German Canton 3920

Lugano wheelchair accessible hotel SICL2Lugano
Hotel Wheelchair Friendly

Lugano, SICL2

Lugano, Italian Canton 6901

Lugano wheelchair accessible Hotel SICL1Lugano
Hotel Wheelchair Friendly

Lugano, SICL1

Lugano, Italian Canton 6900

Geneva Wheelchair Accessible Hotel SFCG2Geneva
Hotel Wheelchair Friendly

Geneva, SFCG2

Geneva, French Canton 1218

Geneva Wheelchair Accessible HotelGeneva
Wheelchair Friendly

Geneva, SFCG1

Geneva, French Canton 1201

Bern Wheelchair Accessible Switzerland HotelsBern
Wheelchair Friendly

Bern, SGCB1

Bern, German Canton 3011

Lucerne Wheelchair Switzerland Accessible Europe HotelLucerne
Wheelchair Friendly

Lucerne, LSW01

Lucerne, German Canton 6002