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Tremola Road Wheelchair German Canton Accessible Switzerland Tours
Tremola Road Wheelchair German Canton Accessible Switzerland Tours
Tremola Road Wheelchair Italian Canton Accessible Switzerland Tours
Tremola Road Wheelchair Italian Canton Accessible Switzerland Tours

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Tremola Road Wheelchair Accessible Tours

The Tremola Road wheelchair accessible tours, is the longest road monument in Switzerland.

A clear strip that winds its way up in serpentine from Airolo on the southern side of the legendary Gotthard Pass: roof of Europe.

The street of the people and emblem of the identity and unity of Switzerland.

Tremola Road was built about 2 centuries ago and winds over 4 km and has 24 hairpin bends.

Exceeds 300 meters in altitude of the steep left side of the valley, from the Calanchetti Bridge to the Sella Plain Bridge with a harmonious insertion done to perfection!

This work is part of the first carriage road of the Gotthard Pass and was built between 1828 and 1832 by the Ticino engineer Francesco Meschini.

Before there was only a mule track. The Romans also bypassed the imposing Gotthard Massif.

The development of the pass only began around 1200.

With the connection to the Schöllenen Gorge between Göschenen and Andermatt.

Today the Gotthard Pass is the most important link between north and south Switzerland.

Tremola Road Private Accessible Tours

We are providing a safe and a full Italian Canton accessible tours around previewed accessible itineraries. Disabled friendly accessible services includes professional guided tours.

Visit this rich and fascinating land with an exclusive private Tremola Road wheelchair accessible tours with adapted van transportation specifically designed for wheelchair users tourists combined an holiday to across Switzerland.

Touring Tremola Road

The ride on the Tremola Road, covered with cobblestones, along the southern slope of the Gotthard Pass is truly breathtaking.

After the Museum of Forte Airolo begins the first tight sequence of hairpin bends followed by a less demanding stretch that leads to the Alps of Sorecia.

Then you find the real hairpin bends and which allow you to reach the top of Lake of the Piazza that make the Tremola one of the most beautiful roads in Switzerland.

The Gotthard Pass reserves many other surprises and the Tremola Road, is certainly one of the most unexpected.

It is closed in winter and despite the heavy summer traffic and the long queues that form both in front of the Gotthard motorway tunnel and on the new pass road.

The Tremola Road is always rarely visited and is ideal for an excursion within an excursion.

Very few know that it exists!!!

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Tremola Road wheelchair accessible tours, unmissable visit at it with our Italian Canton Wheelchair Accessible Tours.

Specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons and disabled with an adapted van.

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