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Metsovo Wheelchair Central Greece Accessible Greece Tours
Metsovo Wheelchair Central Greece Accessible Greece Tours
Metsovo Wheelchair Central Greece Accessible Greece Tours
Metsovo Wheelchair Central Greece Accessible Greece Tours

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Metsovo Wheelchair Accessible Tours

If you love village life, red wine, smoked cheese and some of Northern Greece‘s most epic mountain scenery, you’ll love all the things to do in Metsovo wheelchair accessible tours.

Famous for being a mountain resort, with ski facilities, it has seen its popularity increase over the years, also given its strategic position, on the road that connects Igoumenitsa and Ioannina to Thessaloniki, Metsovo is unlike any other city in Greece.

Indeed, it looks more like a Greek mountain village and is the center of the Vlach population of Greece, whose language is of Latin origin and contains elements of Greek and Balkan dialects.

Walking through the city, one can see all these traditions in the architecture and woven fabrics that brought prosperity to Metsovo during the Ottoman period.

You may even be able to hear the Vlach dialect and smell the grilled meats that are so popular with visitors.

It’s one of Greece‘s favorite getaways, not just for winter holidays but, increasingly, throughout the year.

Metsovo Private Accessible Tours

We are providing a safe and a full Central Greece accessible tours around previewed accessible itineraries. Disabled friendly accessible services includes professional guided tours and cruise shore excursions.

Visit this rich and fascinating land with an exclusive private Metsovo wheelchair accessible tours with adapted van transportation specifically designed for wheelchair users tourists combined an holiday to across Greece.

Touring Metsovo

Discovering the local wine tradition is a reason in itself to visit Metsovo.

Cheese and Metsovo are synonyms in Greece.

Indeed, the best-known cheeses of the area have Metsovo in their name.

Metsovone ( a smoked, hard, mostly cow’s cheese)  is the area’s blockbuster, with Protected Designation of Origin status and a preparation that includes maturing for three months and smoking with grass and herbs for 12 days.

But the beauty comes when the sun goes down.

The country is practically ghosted, or at least the streets.

The only lights are those in the windows of Metsovo‘s two or three bars and restaurants.

And that’s where miracles happen.

And for you, the miracle is not a silent film, but an event made up of people, music and dance.

After dinner, the tables and chairs are moved, the instruments are picked up and the amplifiers are turned on.

The faces of the musicians and the notes that come out of their instruments tell of centuries of history, of peoples who have mixed together and who do not reflect the boundaries that politics has wanted to establish geographically.

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Metsovo wheelchair accessible tours, unmissable visit at it with our Central Greece Wheelchair Accessible Tours.

Specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons and disabled with an adapted van.

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