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Friesach Wheelchair Carinthia Accessible Austria Tours
Friesach Wheelchair Carinthia Accessible Austria Tours
Friesach Wheelchair Carinthia Accessible Tours
Friesach Wheelchair Carinthia Accessible Tours

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Friesach Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Friesach wheelchair accessible tours, is an important tourist resort in Carinthia, popular both for its naturalistic and cultural attractions.

On beautiful sunny days, Friesach is at its maximum splendor.

Surrounded by lush nature, this is a city somewhat shrouded in mystery, so much so that it is called the Pearl of the Middle Ages.

Its name in the local language is Burgerstad Friesach, city of Castles, and in many respects it is defined not only as one of the most beautiful places in Austrian Carinthia, but also as one of the most mysterious.

A place with great history, coveted by the powerful archbishops of Salzburg.

It remains the oldest city in Carinthia, proud owner of important historical monuments, including 3 castles and 6 churches.

It is said that in its heyday, no place in the entire region was as rich in monasteries and churches as Friesach.

Its importance arose once again from its strategic position, between Klagenfurt and the Mur Valley, the meeting point of the trade routes with ancient Venice.

Today, despite its small size, Friesach‘s tourist attractions continue to attract numerous visitors.

The main attraction is the Dominican Monastery of St Nikolaus von Myra built in the XII century.

The monastery still remains the largest church in the region, simple and at the same time rich in precious medieval rarities.

The wooden crucifix from the early Gothic period of XIII century, the large sandstone statue of the Madonna from the XIV century , the altar of St Giovanni from 1510.

Friesach Private Accessible Tours

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Touring Friesach

The walls and fortifications of the urban center date back to the XII century and are among the best preserved in all of Europe, between ditches and grated openings they represent a unique architecture in Austria.

The walls are crenellated and extend for about 800 metres, while there are three remaining defensive towers, out of the 11 that once existed.

In the historic center you can admire the Renaissance fountain from 1563, on the Hauptplats, and several buildings from the medieval period.

The princely court of the XIV century and the imposing 4-storey granary of the XIV century.

Other buildings to visit in Friesach are the Geiersburg Fortress, the Petersberg Stronghold.

The Church of St Peter from the XII, the Cathedral of St Bartholomew and the Monastery of St Blasius.

The latter is admired in particular for its history, being the oldest monastery of the Teutonic Order in the German-speaking regions.

Inside there are several frescoes, Gothic wooden sculptures and 2 splendid altars.

On a cultural level, however, it must be remembered that Friesach was an important center of Protestant culture.

Still today, hosts a diocesan museum dedicated to all the historical events of the Protestant community from the days of the Lutheran Reformation up to the present.

Furthermore, in this very location, the European Dialogues on Tolerance are held every year, focusing on ever-changing themes.

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Friesach wheelchair accessible tours, unmissable visit at it with our Carinthia Wheelchair Accessible Tours.

Specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons and disabled with an adapted van.

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