Vienna, AV02

Vienna Wheelchair Accessible Hotel VA02

Vienna Wheelchair Accessible Hotel AV02

Located right on main shopping street, the Vienna wheelchair accessible Hotel AV02 in Austria, is housed in an impressive historic building.

Close to the Neubaugasse underground station, the hotel offers free WiFi in public areas.

In the heart of the city, they build bridges between the elegance of a vanished decade and the urban lifestyle of a self-confident society.

Dreamy and creative, passionate and relaxed, sensual and detailed.

Vienna wheelchair accessible Hotel AV02 will boost your senses to the top.

A touch of Japanese purism, a hint of Scandinavian coziness, and a whole lot of French flair.

The luxury of the zeitgeist, distilled into details that make the essential tangible.

Accessible Vienna Rooms

Their rooms are lovingly thought-out interiors with plenty of space to dream, linger, and feel at home.

2 room are totally accessible equipped with en-suite beathroom disabled standard facilities.

Designed with love for the little things, their rooms offer unlimited potential: for finding peace and making dreams come true.

For simply enjoying the present.

Plenty of room for gentle slumber, nighttime endeavors, and experiences beyond the covers.

With Egyptian cotton fabrics, cloud-soft box spring beds, and overlooking the pulsating life of Vienna's streets.

Their hotel rooms, are the ideal starting point for adventures great and small, waiting to be explored.

Accessible Restaurant and Bar

Their Restaurant et Bar are located on 7th floor and their Rooftop Terrace, on 8th floor.

Plenty of space, lots of greenery, and still more of the feelgood vibes: up here, they give modern, unpretentious cuisine a stage.

Fresh experiences coax out the very best in well-known classics, and the menu is graced with all the colors of the rainbow.

Straightforward, healthy, vibrant.

If you want to discover the creative soul of their Hotel, you've come to the right place.

No matter who you are or what you do , their restaurant everyone can enjoy culinary delights and a whole lot of love, accompanied by smooth sounds.

The culinary standards and the quality of the ingredients are just like the restaurant itself: way up high.

Time and space disappear in the dreamy atmosphere of the associated bar.

In the midst of booze, beats, and bohemia, a cheeky fusion of Vienna and punk comes to life, tightly wreathed in the zeitgeist of true luxury.

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