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Epidaurus Wheelchair Peloponnese Accessible Greece Tours
Epidaurus Wheelchair Peloponnese Accessible Greece Tours
Epidaurus Wheelchair Peloponnese Accessible Greece Tours
Epidaurus Wheelchair Peloponnese Accessible Greece Tours

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Epidaurus Wheelchair Accessible Tours

In the hinterland of Argolida, among rolling hills and verdant woods, there is one of the wonders of Greece, the cradle of tragedy.

The theater of Epidaurus wheelchair accessible tours.

In ancient Greece all theaters were dedicated to the God Dionysus, considered the first author of the Greek tragedy.

Built in the IV century BC from Policleto the Younger, the ancient theater of Epidaurus wheelchair accessible tours, is one of the most surprising places in all of Greece.

Due to its excellent state of conservation and its incredible acoustics, the theater today hosts the Athens Summer Festival.

Epidaurus Private Accessible Tours

We are providing a safe and a full Peloponnese accessible tours around previewed accessible itineraries. Disabled friendly accessible services includes professional guided tours and cruise shore excursions.

Visit this rich and fascinating land with an exclusive private Epidaurus wheelchair accessible tours with adapted van transportation specifically designed for wheelchair users tourists combined an holiday to across Greece.

Touring Epidaurus

The landscape seems to have stopped 2400 years ago, when the theater was built.

The healthy air that you breathe induced the Greeks to establish here a very famous place of care consecrated to Asceplio or Esculapio.

Son of Apollo and the nymph Coronide, capable of healing any evil thanks to the secrets of wild herbs.

Due to a strong earthquake in the VI century, the theater of Epidaurus wheelchair accessible tours was entirely covered by the land of the hill above.

Was brought to light only in the XIX century thanks to the cooperation of archaeologists with the citizens of the surrounding villages.

Its beauty and perfect symmetry are a symbol of perfection.

Has enchanted all those who passed through there.

From Pausanias a traveler and Greek geographer of the II century AD, to the American writer Henry Miller.

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Epidaurus wheelchair accessible tours, unmissable visit at it with our Peloponnese Wheelchair Accessible Tours.

Specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons and disabled with an adapted van.

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