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Aigues-Mortes Wheelchair Occitania Accessible France Tours
Aigues-Mortes Wheelchair Occitania Accessible France Tours
Aigues Mortes Wheelchair Occitania Accessible France Tours
Aigues Mortes Wheelchair Occitania Accessible France Tours

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Aigues-Mortes Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Aigues Mortes wheelchair accessible tours, is located in the south of France, on marshy land which, even through a series of canals, stretches to the Mediterranean Sea.

The most famous of these is called Grau-du-Roi and a movable bridge has been built over it that allows the passage of trains.

We are more or less halfway between Montpellier to the west and Arles to the east, which is just under fifty kilometers away.

The very Catholic King Louis IX had Aigues-Mortes built because he needed an outlet on the Mediterranean to organize a crusade in Palestine and had no intention of using the port of Marseille, then a foreign land.

Up until that time, the only ones who agreed to live in this area of Occitania were the salt workers, fishermen and Benedictines of the Abbey of Psalmodi.

To convince citizens to live in this area made up only of marshes, ponds, swamps and mosquitoes, the King offers tax exemptions and other privileges.

Then has a fortified town built from scratch with the inviting name of Aigues-Mortes, Death Waters.

Despite the name, this village is one of the things to see absolutely in Occitania.

Aigues-Mortes Private Accessible Tours

We are providing a safe and a full Occitania accessible tours around previewed accessible itineraries. Disabled friendly accessible services includes professional guided tours and cruise shore excursions.

Visit this rich and fascinating land with an exclusive private Aigues Mortes wheelchair accessible tours with adapted van transportation specifically designed for wheelchair users tourists combined an holiday to across France.

Touring Aigues-Mortes

Aigues Mortes wheelchair accessible tours, still entirely surrounded by its walls, can be easily visited in half a day but you can also extend your stay to one day by opting for some excursions in the surrounding area.

Among the things to do in Aigues-Mortes, a stop at the Constance Tower is a must.

This massive prison, once the king’s tower, is 30 to 40 meters high.

Although slightly detached from the ramparts, it remains connected by a small bridge.

But you still have a lot to do in Aigues-Mortes!

Stroll through the narrow streets to Place Saint-Louis, surrounded by cafes and restaurants.

From their shady terraces, you will have plenty of time to contemplate the square flanked by the Capuchin Chapel.

The Church of Notre Dame de Sablons overlooks the main square and is the oldest in the city.

The name of the church derives from the type of land in the area; the original construction dates back to 1183 in reeds and wood but was subsequently rebuilt in the Gothic style in 1246.

Over the years Notre Dame de Sablons has undergone numerous restorations, the collapse of the bell tower and was used, during the French Revolution, as a salt deposit and barracks.

It is almost unthinkable to see Aigues-Mortes without tasting the local products.

But which specialty to start with?

The Gardiane de Baureau Pardi! Bull meat is cooked with red wine and served with Camargue rice.

As an aperitif, treat yourself to a Sable-de-Camargue PGI wine. The vines grow in the sand and give the wines their unique aromas.

They are available in rosé, gris and gris de gris.

To top it off, the flagship specialty is the Aigues-Mortes Fougasse. This cousin of brioche is soft, golden and flavored with orange blossom.

Traditionally, it is one of the thirteen Christmas sweets.

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Aigues-Mortes wheelchair accessible tours, unmissable visit at it with our Occitania Wheelchair Accessible Tours.

Specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons and disabled with an adapted van.

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